I am Mohammad Miftakhul Rosyad and been more than 10 years living in Germany. My mission is to save the environment and reduce traffic jams in the city by enabeling junk bikes parts used to build solar tri-cycle locally.
You are welcome to invest on my idea and enable mobility cheaper and have more fun everyone.

Mobile: +49 173 7846854
E-mail: rosyad@young-dynamics.com


Solar powered tri-cycle made of junk bikes

List of Material for Solar Rad?
Link to the material

How to build Solar Rad by yourself?

Link to the tutorial

Umbrella Holder for SOLAR RAD

Easy to ride and perfect for women

Suitable for two adults

Safe for children

Protect you from rain


a vehicle similar to a bicycle, but having three wheels, two at the back and one at the front.


Bremen, Germany


Built with junk bikes parts and some parts ordered fron Amazon.